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Building license Barcelona

Today we want to talk about building permits in Barcelona . In Barcelona, ​​building requires a series of procedures, permits and licenses to ensure that standards and regulations are met. Today we address what you need to know for building permits in Barcelona, ​​the necessary requirements and procedures, as well as the implications and responsibilities of the owner.

But if you have doubts and want to make sure that your construction project is carried out efficiently and under regulations in Barcelona, ​​consult us.

Particularities of building permits in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a rich historical heritage and a unique urban design. This city is home to thousands of people seeking the best possible quality of life. Therefore, when building residential buildings, there are mandatory regulations to ensure that all buildings meet a series of requirements.

Obtaining a building license in Barcelona for anything, such as building a new-build residential building, can be a complex and challenging process. The city has a series of its own regulations that must be complied with before starting construction. In addition, the process of applying for and obtaining a license can be lengthy, even require a great deal of paperwork. If it is not well known, there may be many unforeseen events . For example, for safety, environmental or cultural heritage regulations. This could delay or even prevent obtaining the license. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to work with a team of experienced professionals. All this, in order to ensure and comply with the requirements, in addition to the reasonable and foreseen terms.

What regulations will I find?

To build a new construction building in Barcelona, ​​you must comply with a series of local, regional and state regulations. These include safety regulations, environment, building, habitability, urban regulations and protection of cultural and archaeological heritage. In addition, you may need to comply with emergency accessibility and safety regulations, as well as energy efficiency and sustainability standards. It is important to research and understand all the applicable regulations to request a building license in Barcelona. If you want a team of professionals who are familiar with these regulations , contact Pujadó Soler .

Below we list the most important regulations:


A first important regulation is the Technical Building Code (CTE) of the year 2006, established by the Ministry of Public Works and currently in force. Its rules are adapted to the European community framework with the aim of promoting energy efficiency, sustainability and reuse of limited natural resources. It is made up of four main groups: energy performance, health and hygiene in structural properties and environmental sustainability.

Habitability Decree

The Habitability Decree regulates the construction of buildings in Catalonia. It requires that all buildings be designed and built to certain minimum standards, ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment for its inhabitants.

The Catalan decree of habitability is a norm that regulates the basic characteristics so that the houses are comfortable and practicable. It means that homes must have minimum requirements so that people inhabit them can have a minimum of qualities. It includes having a minimum of lighting and ventilation in the dwellings or minimum surfaces of rooms or living rooms. All with the purpose of establishing some basic requirements to inhabit.

To comply with these guidelines it is important to periodically consult the applicable regulations. Taking into account the regional ones such as the habitability decree but also the local ones that in Barcelona are quite particular.

General Metropolitan Plan (PGM)

One of these very important regulations in Barcelona is the General Metropolitan Plan (PGM) as well as the modifications applicable in the municipality of Barcelona.

The General Metropolitan Plan (PGM) is from 1976. There are many supporters of modifying said plan because it is old, so it could be modified soon.


In addition, local legislation provides for the formal requirements necessary to obtain construction permits, such as the Ordinance that regulates the administrative procedure of works (ORPIMO).

The ORPIMO is the Ordinance that regulates the administrative procedure for works in Barcelona. It regulates, among other things, licenses and building permits in the city. This ordinance establishes a series of requirements in order to guarantee that builders comply with regulations, standards and safety protocols. They stand out among them:

  • The authorization by the competent bodies of works that interfere in the public domain.
  • The obligation to take out civil liability insurance for the works.
  • The registration of the works in the competent registry

In addition, ORPIMO also establishes a series of requirements related to the application process: documentation and information necessary when submitting the application, deadlines for obtaining licenses, technical controls and sanctions in case of non-compliance.

One of the most important characteristics of this ordinance is the need to process a technical suitability report before presenting the project to the City Council.

Permit Types

Building permits in Barcelona come in various forms, depending on the type of construction project being carried out. This is marked by the ordinance described above, the ORPIMO.

The types of building permits in Barcelona are classified as follows:

  1. License : This is the type of permit that you will need to carry out major works, changes of use or comprehensive reforms of a building that significantly affect the structure of the building or its external appearance. This could include adding a floor to your building, carrying out extensive renovations, or converting a commercial space to a home, among others. This permit must be requested from the Barcelona City Council and requires the presentation of a complete project.
  2. Deferred Communication : This permit is required for less important works than those of the previous permit, such as modifying the distribution, occasionally affecting the structure. In these cases, a project drawn up by an architect or surveyor must be sent, if applicable. Barcelona City Council has approximately one month to review the project.
  3. Immediate Release : This type of permit is for minor works but also requires a technical project. For example, to modify an interior layout in a house that does not affect the structure of the building. As with the Deferred Communication, the project must be sent to the Barcelona City Council, but in this case the work can begin quite immediately after communicating it to the city council
  4. Assabentat (Aware) : In the previous permits, a works project and a technical suitability report were required to process the license. However, this permit, Assabentat or Aware, is a communication to the City Council for very simple works, such as painting a flat, updating a bathroom, or a kitchen and all without modifying the interior layout. In these cases, you only need to inform Barcelona City Council about the work you plan to carry out, without having to wait for approval.

How to obtain a building license in Barcelona

To obtain a building license in Barcelona , you must first request a prior consultation. Subsequently, except in an Assabentat, an architecture project must be carried out and submitted to an entity that reviews it to process the IIT (Technical Suitability Report). And then present it to the City Hall. This project must include detailed information about the works, the materials that will be used, as well as a safety study. Once you present the application for building permits, you will have to pay the corresponding fees. Depending on the type of license, the administration will review the application and, if it meets all the requirements and regulations, will grant the license. It is important to ensure that the license is valid throughout the construction process, as well as to comply with all applicable regulations and standards.

What are the requirements to obtain a new building license in Barcelona for a residential building?

To obtain a new construction license for a residential building in Barcelona, you must meet a series of specific requirements. These include: presenting a project that complies with all applicable regulations. In addition, it is likely that sectoral studies of other engineers and technicians will be required. It could even require a heritage or archaeological study if the site requires it. It is important to check with the local administration before starting the paperwork to ensure that you comply with all applicable requirements. Although to save time and money we recommend that these issues be carried out by someone specialized and with a lot of experience.

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In conclusion

A building license in Barcelona is a necessary document for any construction project in the city. The building permit is generally issued by the City Council. And it is granted by verifying all applicable regulations, such as urban and building regulations. Even through the requirements of security, accessibility, environment and other very relevant aspects.

Depending on the type of work to be carried out, other types of permits may be required in addition to the building permit. For example, if you want to build a residential building, you will need permits for the telecommunications infrastructure or renewable energy to use.

Pujadó Soler has remarkable experience in processing building permits in Barcelona for architecture and building work. Therefore we will advise and guide you during the application for a building permit.

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