Surveying of plans

What does a plan survey consist of?

The drawing up of plans is very useful in different circumstances since it gives to know the reality of a property or building and to have graphically all the measures, the distribution, the structure, the facilities and the basic characteristics of the same one.

A competent technician, usually a quantity surveyor or technical architect, must be hired to draw up the necessary plans.

In most jobs that require an architect, technical architect, engineer or builder among others, planimetry will be required, so if you already have it, it will save time and money.

What is it for?

It is useful and recommended for:

– Putting a property up for sale and applying for a building permit.

– Apply for the activity license

– Designing and budgeting renovations or rehabilitations

– Certify actual measurements

– Inheritance or separation of property distributions

– Redistribution and/or redecoration

– The rehabilitation of facades

– Housing segregation

It is useful in cadastral disputes, when you need to obtain the real measurements, perfectly certified, of your property to be able to oppose them to an inadequate valuation made by the corresponding Territorial Management of the Cadastre.