Real State Investment in Spain
Investment Property & New Building Constructions

+10 Years of Experience

With more than 10 years of experience in the real estate sector, we offer you a unique and valuable perspective to help you obtain personalized and successful returns.

Investment strategies

Our experience in real estate investments provides well-founded strategies that open doors to high-value real estate investments in the real estate market.

Analysis of rentability

We evaluate all the variables and apply our experience to obtain the best opportunities, ensuring solid and profitable investments in the real estate sector.

Procedures management

The network of contacts allows us to manage all the documentation. Obtaining a safer real estate investment with fewer complications.


Connection between buyer and seller in the high-end real estate sector.


Expert guidance to maximize your return on real estate investments.


We efficiently manage all your documents and legal requirements.


Network of contacts specialized in the sector to transform your investment into success.


Privacy and confidentiality in all our procedures and agreements.

Real estate investments with great advantage

Do you want to make real estate investments through new construction real estate promotions to make your investment profitable?

With Pujadó Soler, real estate investments will be your professional investment option!

LJ Capital Inmobiliario is in charge of finding new plots for a quality real estate investment. While Pujadó Soler offers Architecture services specifically adapted to investments in real estate developments . Specifically, Architecture, Building and Project Management services.

Thanks to PS’s experience in carrying out and managing real estate developments, we help you generate successful projects.

Advantages of real estate investments with PS

Free plot analysis

We answer new queries. And we carry out an initial analysis of your operation completely free of charge if your project can be profitable.

Free preliminary project

We manage an Architecture that sells. We create unique, attractive and efficient designs. If the project is profitable and there is a commitment to continuity, we create studies and preliminary projects completely free of charge.

Experienced Investment Properties

We have been carrying out multi-family projects for more than 12 years and optimize real estate investments for greater performance.

Project Management

Exclusive construction management and sales supervision carried out by a team of technicians.

For Investments and Developers

Personalized and specialized service for real estate investors. We adapt to any type of investor regardless of their level of experience.

We help you achieve your goal

Financing and partner search

Once you have decided to start a real estate investment, the next question is how to finance it.

While completing all the necessary paperwork to obtain financing requires a great deal of documentation, you can count on outside help. For example, there are specialized bank mortgage loans for real estate transactions.

Of course, there is always the option of self-financing. However, in order to gain greater profitability we offer the possibility of incorporating new partners, under a shared agreement, for a joint benefit and with our help.

Do you want to achieve more ambitious and profitable projects? Join our list of potential partners. We only select partners who share the same real estate investment objectives.

Advice and exclusivity for you

Investing in successful real estate developments

Real estate investment can be a powerful way to increase your income. Pujadó Soler has the experience to make it happen.

From the location of an ideal plot, through construction, to the sale of the real estate development.

Invest wisely with these comprehensive services. All with the objective of making informed decisions that will directly benefit you.

It's all benefits

We offer tailored solutions for those investors looking for exclusive opportunities in the real estate market.

How to find the right site?

Search of locations for real estate developments

Starting with the right research is the key to ensuring lasting success in real estate investment. Having the right site to buy and build on plays an important role.

When it comes to land, there are several factors to consider. This includes location, size, ease of access, current market prices and historical information about the site if available.

Often the best places are not necessarily the most obvious. Therefore, conducting good research can help you uncover opportunities before other real estate investors. By doing so, you will have an advantage over them by negotiating a reasonable price for the land you have chosen.

With Pujadó Soler’s real estate investment service, we help you find the most suitable plot. If you provide us with the type of investment you want, we can find the most suitable plots for your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

More about investment in real estate developments

Learn more about investing in real estate developments and make a safe investment with our services. At Pujadó Soler we offer you our advice as well as the necessary professional services. You can also find more information on the website of the Association of Developers in Catalonia, which we advise you to visit for more news.

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Building, architecture and quality management

Real estate investments with Pujadó Soler

Real estate investment advice is provided by Pujadó Soler, a building and architecture firm specializing in residential construction and Project Management.

The real estate investment service offers a range of products and services to assist you with the purchase, development and sale of real estate developments.

We offer professional advice on the real estate market, mortgage financing, land studies, real estate transactions or sales prices, among others.

We will also provide you with services on the necessary paperwork, both for the purchase and for the other procedures. As well as the integral management of the work. Even plan the operation temporarily.

Start giving a boost to your real estate investment assets. And you get the benefit of having a completely personalized service with the knowledge and experience of more than 13 years and more than 150 homes completed in recent years in real estate investment.

Start investing in real estate developments

If you are looking for knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complicated world of real estate investments, trust Pujadó Soler.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your real estate investment.

How we work

Our goal is to give you a clear view of each stage of the process, so you can make informed and confident decisions.

We arrange a meeting

Step 1

We evaluate the needs

Step 2

We start the management!

Step 3
What can I do on a plot of land?

Plots for real estate investments

Do you have a plot of land and want to make the most of it? Don’t worry, we help you to make your real estate investment profitable.

We are your great help high value with experience and confidence

Leave your mark in the world of real estate developments!

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