Editorial Principles of Pujadó Soler

At Pujadó Soler, we want to explain our publication policy through the following editorial principles. Because we believe in the power of Architecture and Building to transform and improve everyday life. Located in Barcelona, ​​we strive to combine functionality, efficiency, technology and creativity in everything we do. By communicating our vision and knowledge, we not only seek to inform and educate, but also establish valuable connections with future clients and collaborators.

What we write about

We focus on Architecture and Building issues, especially from the lenses of our four pillars: Functionality, Efficiency, Technology and Creativity. We address everything from innovative trends in design and technology to practical approaches in managing complete building projects, reflecting the diversity and richness of Barcelona and its architectural environment.

Who do we write for?

Our content is designed for professionals in the sector, potential clients looking for comprehensive management in building projects, students, academics and anyone with a passion for architecture and construction. With each publication, we seek to show the added value of Pujadó Soler in the management of architectural projects from conception to completion.

Why we write

  1. Education: We want to share knowledge and experiences that enrich and strengthen the architectural sector.
  2. Connection: We seek to establish links with potential clients and collaborators, demonstrating the competence and unique vision of Pujadó Soler.
  3. Innovation: By showing the application of technology and creativity in our projects, we promote an avant-garde and efficient approach to architecture.
  4. Identity: Barcelona is more than our home; It is our inspiration. Through our content, we celebrate the architectural and cultural identity of the city.

Publication commitments

  • Integrity: We adhere to high standards of accuracy and honesty in all our content.
  • Respect: We value diversity and are committed to representing it with inclusivity and sensitivity.
  • Transparency: In the event of sponsorships or potential conflicts of interest, we will be clear and transparent with our audience.
  • Update: We are constantly learning and we are committed to keeping our content up to date with the latest trends and advances in the sector.

Verified articles

All Pujadó Soler publications have been verified by Sergi Pujadó Soler, professional and expert in the field. In this sense, Sergi Pujadó Soler is a Registered Architect 69476/2 at the College of Architects of Catalonia and is also a Registered Technical Architect 12,854 at the College of Technical Architecture of Barcelona . In addition, Sergi Pujadó Soler has courses, including postgraduate and master’s degrees, on the subject of Pujadó Soler’s articles.


At Pujadó Soler, we are not only passionate about architecture and building, but also about connecting in a coherent way. Also with complete transparency with those who share our vision and seek to take their projects to the next level with the guidance of committed experts. It is noteworthy that all our articles have been reviewed or written by a professional in the field.