Construction Management

The construction management can be either an Architect or a Quantity Surveyor. In addition, most building permits require both. The Architect, as construction manager, and the Quantity Surveyor, as construction execution manager. Finally, the construction manager (D.O.) and the construction execution manager (D.E.O.) form the project management (D.F.). In Pujadó Soler we are both Architects and Quantity Surveyors so we perform this service in an integral way.

What does the optional management do?

In a general and simplified way, the construction manager supervises the correct development of the work. It does so in technical, aesthetic, urban and environmental aspects. All aspects in accordance with the specifications defined in the project, in the building license and other mandatory authorizations, as well as what is stipulated in the contract, in order to ensure that it meets the proposed final objective.

While the site execution manager reviews the direction of the execution of the site materials. All this together with the qualitative and quantitative control of the construction and the quality of what has been built.

The construction manager

The figure is regulated in the Building Management Law and, in summary, the construction manager must perform and comply with the following:


Depending on the work, it may be an architect, quantity surveyor, engineer or technical engineer.


Control the staking out and adequacy of the foundation and structure to the project.


During the visits, the construction manager must resolve any possible unforeseen events during the execution of the work and reflect in the Orders and Assistance Book the instructions to interpret the project correctly.

Project modifications

Make changes or rectifications to the project as a result of the state of the work. Always in consensus between the construction management and the promoter.


Signing of the staking out report and the final work certificate.


Approve the partial certifications and the final settlement of the work.

Final documentation

Draw up and sign the required documentation of the executed work.

The construction manager

The figure is also regulated in the Building Management Law and, in summary, the construction manager must perform and comply with the following:


In general, for building works, it is the Technical Architect and, depending on the case, it can also be an Architect, Engineer or Technical Engineer.

Receipt of materials

Verify the on-site reception of construction products, ordering the performance of precise tests and trials.


To direct the material execution of the work, checking the staking out, the materials, the correct execution and arrangement of the construction elements and the installations, in accordance with the project and the instructions of the project manager.

Order book

To record in the Book of Orders and Attendances the precise instructions.

Minutes and certifications

Signing of the stakeout or work commencement report and the final work certificate, as well as preparing and signing the partial certifications and the final settlement of the work units executed.

Final documentation

Collaborate with the other agents in the preparation of the documentation of the executed work, providing the results of the control performed.

If you need this service do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you and help you to make the execution of your work correct and satisfactory.

Sergi Pujadó

What does Pujadó Soler offer?

As a full Architectural and Technical Architecture firm, we can also offer both services in an integrated manner. That of Construction Manager and that of Construction Execution Manager. Contact us for these services in Barcelona.


We have more than 8 years of experience in this field and have built individual houses and blocks of apartments of all sizes.

Comprehensive service

In addition, we can manage the Project Management, the interior design service and possible marketing. As a single studio, we have a perfect rapport with each other.

Monthly certifications

Each month we subscribe and approve the certifications of the work in a totally objective way in order to generate transparency and tranquility between the client and the builder.

Monthly reports

In addition, if you wish, we can prepare a monthly progress report for you.

Technical peace of mind

We check the correct placement of the materials, supervise and give orders to the contractor.