Energy Certificate

What does the energy certificate consist of?

The Energy Certificate or Energy Efficiency Certificate analyzes the energy demand and consumption of the house or building. It contains a label with a letter and a color code that classifies the dwelling according to a scale ranging from green A (lowest consumption) to red G (highest consumption), in addition to other technical annexes. It must be visible in any advertisement for sale or rent, it is issued by the autonomous community after registering the certificate. Our Technical Architect will do it for you.

Is energy certification mandatory?

Since 2013 it is necessary to have the Energy Efficiency Certificate to sell or rent a house, premises or office so it must be visible in the ads.

Who grants it?

This certificate is granted by the Autonomous Communities.

What are your rates?

Unlike other technicians, our rates for the completion of the 2nd Occupancy Certificate include the complete management and related expenses. The price is calculated by means of formulas and usually starts at 99 € + VAT for small houses.

The service offered is exquisite because I didn’t have to worry about anything. They are great professionals in the sector

More information

In 2013 the Royal Decree 235/2013 for the certification of energy efficiency came into force, which dictates that any owner who wants to sell or rent a property must make available to buyers or tenants an Energy Efficiency Certificate, which will contain the energy rating of the building, home, premises or office, including information on the energy peculiarities, consumption, performance and options for improving the energy efficiency of the property.