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Architecture and building in Barcelona

Pujadó Soler manages both the project and edification, checking the work and security in your investment.

Architect in Barcelona

Design architecture

Pujadó Soler, is an architecture studio specializing in new construction and comprehensive management.

We are a team of professional architects and surveyors who work in collaboration with other technicians to create new construction buildings. All this with maximum functionality, sustainability, technology and creativity.

Therefore, if you are looking for an architecture studio specialized in new construction, do not hesitate to contact us.

In this sense, we are always looking for new interesting and challenging projects. Because our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced architects who are willing to help you carry out your architectural project.

Detailed building

Pujadó Soler, specialized in building, we verify the work down to the smallest detail.

Pujadó Soler has architects, surveyors. He also collaborates with engineers and other highly qualified professionals. For all this we want to ensure that your project is a success.

For all this, we offer a wide range of construction services, from planning and design to the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures. After all, no matter what your project is, we are sure that we can help you carry it out efficiently and effectively.

Finally, if you are interested in our services or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Building in Sants



Sustainability and technology
Administrative license management
Additional documentation


Quality control
Control of the execution
Check list of the construction process

Construction Management

Cost advice
Resource optimization
Temporary planning of the work
industrial advice

Residential Buildings

Advice on collective housing
Feasibility studies

Values ​​of Pujadó Soler


Organizing is facilitating. Facilitating is well-being. We organize spaces to make them work.


Sustainability is savings. Your investment in efficiency is savings and comfort.


With the most comfortable materials controlling your home from anywhere.


We help you to obtain a unique design of modern and timeless architecture.

Pujado Soler

In the field of architecture and building, Pujadó Soler is a highly qualified and experienced professional team. For this reason, with architects, surveyors, engineers and other professionals who work closely together. For all this we want to ensure that your project is a success.

In addition, we offer a wide range of architecture and building services, from planning and design to building construction and maintenance. After all, no matter what your project is, we are sure that we can help you carry it out efficiently and effectively.

Therefore, if you are interested in our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. With Pujado Soler you will find your architect in Barcelona.

We are looking forward to helping you carry out your next new construction project!


Building license Barcelona

About the building permit in Barcelona. Pujadó Soler helps you!

Today we want to talk about building permits in Barcelona. In Barcelona, ​​building requires a series of procedures and licenses to ensure compliance with administrative standards and regulations. Here, we address what you need to know about the building permit in Barcelona, ​​the necessary requirements and procedures, as well as the implications and responsibilities of the owner. If you want to make sure that your construction project is carried out efficiently and legally in Barcelona, ​​consult us. Barcelona is a city

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Real estate feasibility study

Real estate feasibility study

When developers and investors consider starting a new real estate project, they need a real estate feasibility study. It is one of the first things they have to do is find out if the project is viable. A real estate feasibility study examines all aspects of a project to determine if it can be carried out successfully. These studies are important because they help prevent projects that are doomed to fail. But how do you know if a feasibility study is successful?

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Go back in a building

Go back in a building. Is it more expensive than a new construction?

The soarings are an intervention in an existing building. This increases unforeseen costs, although it can be planned for, as with most existing building projects there are unforeseeable costs. Therefore, in the case of building lifts, a very meticulous initial work must be done to minimize these costs. There are many reasons why we want to expand our house or any type of building. We talk about going back when we want to expand the house by adding upper floors to the

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Grants for rehabilitation in Barcelona

Pujadó Soler helps its clients to have all the possibilities and information available, this includes aid for rehabilitation in Barcelona. That is why we inform you of the different aids that you could access in each case. Next, we present the ones that the city council has included this year for the rehabilitation in Barcelona. What has Barcelona City Council presented? Barcelona City Council over the last few years has

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Rehabilitate Barcelona

Rehabilitate Barcelona

Rehabilita, a week dedicated to rehabilitation Visiting Rehabilita Barcelona can help you in many ways if you are thinking of renovating your home or the building in which your home is located. The Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Barcelona (CAATEEB) organizes once again the acclaimed Rehabilita fair. This fair is intended for citizens to learn first-hand about all the services they offer. Both the CAATEEB and the College of Architects of

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Rebuild Barcelona

From September 26 to 28, the Rebuild Barcelona fair for construction and rehabilitation is held. Pujadó Soler is not going to miss it. Rebuild Barcelona is the first construction fair in Barcelona dedicated to rehabilitation, reform and energy efficiency. In addition, the fair integrates a national congress of advanced architecture and construction 4.0. Therefore, Rebuild Barcelona is more than just a fair, as it will host the largest congress on construction 4.0 worldwide.

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Barcelona 30% VPO

Barcelona requires 30% VPO

The Barcelona City Council provisionally approves the modification of the General Metropolitan Plan to accommodate social housing in new construction. This could affect the licenses of new developments in Barcelona. Most parties are in favor, including the PDCAT. These measures would not solve the housing problem in Barcelona. The government of the city council has practically not taken initiative in subsidized housing and now intends to modify said regulations. The main contradiction is that Barcelona

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Thinking of investing in Barcelona?

If you are thinking of investing in Barcelona, ​​you must take into account many factors, among them and in which we are experts in helping you is in carrying out a feasibility study. But... What is a feasibility study? It consists of carrying out a small study of the land and the urban regulations of the area in which it is located in order to assess the number of floors that could be built, both by meters and by density. The terrain information

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What is a Rigger

What is a surveyor and how can he help me?

Our partner, rigger Sergi Pujadó is one of our main collaborators, he is a technical architect and an architect. He is also a businessman, being our partner. First, Sergi studied Building Engineering and Technical Architecture at the Barcelona Polytechnic School of Building – UPC Later, since his work began to satisfy him, he began to be interested in other areas of his professional qualifications. It was then, when he decided to study the Master in Structural and Construction Engineering at the Technical School

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