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Architecture and building

Pujadó Soler is the renowned study of architecture and building in Barcelona headed by Sergi Pujadó.

We manage all kinds of projects y  works. Verifying the design, the work and the security of your investment.

Find the ideal architect and builder for your work.

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Design architecture

Pujadó Soler, is an architecture studio specializing in new construction and comprehensive management.

In our team, we combine the skills of expert architects and collaboration with technical professionals to bring innovative buildings to life, fusing functionality, sustainability, technology and creativity.

So, if you are looking for a cutting-edge architecture with comprehensive management, we are your ideal option. We are excited to take on exciting and challenging projects that reflect exceptional architectural design and quality.

Trust us, as we have a group of qualified and experienced architects, ready to materialize and shape your next architectural masterpiece.

Detailed building

Pujadó Soler, specialists in building, we verify the work down to the smallest detail.

At Pujadó Soler, we have an exceptional team of highly-trained architects and surveyors, and we pride ourselves on our strong collaboration with engineers and other industry professionals. This synergy allows us to provide you with exceptional advice and support at all stages of your project, thus guaranteeing its success.

Our range of services includes everything from planning and design to the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures, which allows us to adapt to your needs and offer you comprehensive solutions at each stage of the process. We understand that each project is unique, so we strive to provide efficient and personalized services to achieve your goals.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and support to bring your ideas to reality.

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Quality control
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Construction Management

Advice on planning and costs
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Advice on investment homes
Marketing and Marketing
Feasibility studies
Plot search

Architects specialized in houses

We find suitable architects for homes
Single-family and multi-family buildings
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Specialized architects in Barcelona
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Values ​​of Pujadó Soler


Organizing is facilitating. And facilitating is well-being. We organize spaces to make them work.


Sustainability is savings. Your investment in efficiency is savings plus comfort.


New more comfortable systems controlling your home from anywhere.


Get a unique design of modern and timeless architecture at the same cost.

Sergi Pujado

Sergi Pujado Soler

Sergi Pujadó heads the comprehensive architecture and building management studio. Sergi Pujadó began as a liberal professional carrying out construction management as a quantity surveyor. And meanwhile, he was studying architecture. It was when he began to form the current study.

Passionate about architecture, Sergi Pujadó has left an indelible mark in the field of comprehensive project management and building works. With a dynamic and versatile approach, he faces the role of architect and surveyor, accumulating achievements in public and private competitions, as well as in the execution of innovative hotel projects. With architecture awards, Sergi Pujadó continues to elevate the architectural panorama to unimaginable heights.

As a highly experienced technician in carrying out works in Barcelona, ​​he has enough experience to manage works projects. Sergi Pujadó, has met numerous collaborators architects, technical architects and building builders. And together, numerous projects have been carried out, with a total of more than 200 homes in recent years. 

Simultaneously, Sergi Pujadó has acquired extensive experience in the field of hotel project management and real estate development. For this reason, at Pujadó Soler we have an exclusive section on our website focused on expert advice on real estate development investments.

Pujadó Soler's studio

Pujadó Soler is currently an architecture and building management studio. We are highly qualified and experienced in architecture, building and construction management. We have architects, surveyors, engineers and other professionals with whom we work in coordination. For all this, we make sure to plan and coordinate the success of your project.

We offer a comprehensive service. For this reason we are registered both in the College of Architects of Catalonia and the Barcelona College of Quantity Surveyors and you can find us in the respective directories.

In addition, we offer a wide range of architectural and building services, from planning and design to building construction and maintenance. After all, no matter what your project is, we are sure that we can help you carry it out.

Therefore, if you are interested in our services, or simply have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. In addition, with Pujadó Soler you will find your architect in Barcelona specialized.

We are looking forward to helping you with the next project you have in mind!

Work control PRO

Work PRO

Optional service, during the work, where Pujadó Soler can carry out a very exhaustive monitoring of the work that provides a unique control, in terms of changes, minutes, monitoring reports, etc.

Change control

Changes in a work are often due to the lack of completion of the project. At Pujadó Soler, we establish a change control service that will generate unique monitoring and control. Started from the beginning of the project, auditing each phase. Until the end of the work. This service is optional.


The economic control of a work is the key to the final success of the building. Therefore, the additional budget control service is one of the best investments. For example, with this service, we audit the measurements and the possible budgetary modifications of the project and the work. This service is additional.


One of the main benefits of a work is its temporal monitoring. This planning must be realistic, consistent and organized. In a work, the deviation in the planning will increase all the indirect costs of the work, therefore the importance of this service is key to the success of all those involved.


In the field of construction, administrative procedures are the basis for the start and end of the work. Everything to meet the temporality of the deadlines. The additional administrative procedure management service includes legal advice from collaborators familiar with civil and administrative law.