Architect in Barcelona

At Pujadó Soler we offer the Architect service in Barcelona with closeness, trust and professionalism. Do you know what the benefits of Pujadó Soler are for your Architect in Barcelona? We summarize them below.

Firstly, our experience as Architects in Barcelona and in construction is 14 years. Even covering all the districts of Barcelona and many nearby municipalities. This allows us to provide security , trust and peace of mind in each of your jobs.

Secondly, our knowledge as Architects in Barcelona covers both the branch of architecture and building, as well as administrative procedures, improving the success of your projects . Furthermore, the combination of functionality, sustainability, technology and design is the essence of our excellence.

Thirdly, we stand out as quality benchmarks as architects in Barcelona , ​​being recognized for our capacity in new construction, comprehensive renovations and management, all under our philosophy of proximity and trust . Furthermore, the media values ​​us as one of the young architecture studios in Barcelona with the greatest impact.

Therefore, if you want a new construction, a comprehensive renovation, or need any type of procedure or management, trust in the unlimited experience of Pujadó Soler Arquitectura y Edificación in Barcelona.

Edificio de nuestro Arquitecto en Barcelona, Pujadó Soler.
Unique architecture by Pujadó Soler, Architect in Barcelona
Building by our Architects in Barcelona
Building in the Sants district, Barcelona
Building in Horta by our Architect in Barcelona
Architect in Barcelona Facade Detail.
Swimming pool of the PS building in Horta, Barcelona
Proyecto de Arquitecto en Barcelona
Reform of a flat by our Architect in Barcelona.
Design of our Architectural studio in Barcelona

Architect in Barcelona, ​​specialized

Your new Architecture studio in Barcelona

Above all, we want to highlight excellence as an Architecture studio in Barcelona focused on the comprehensive management of projects and works. In this sense, we have professional qualifications as Architects in Barcelona and more than 14 years of experience as professionals in the sector. Consequently we have, also for you, obvious control over the specific regulations in Barcelona.

In other words, we have extensive knowledge of Barcelona and we have a team of technicians ready to work in any area of ​​Barcelona. All this professionalism, hand in hand with functional and design projects.

For all this, we have the perfect combination to take your next job as an Architect in Barcelona to the next level. In addition, we are prepared to offer you a specialized Architect in Barcelona to carry out projects , works, large renovations, or any type of management.

Specialized architects in Barcelona

First of all, we will start by doing a specialized study of your Architecture proposal in Barcelona. At the same time, we will work to obtain an idea with the greatest certainty of being able to comply with the specific regulations that apply in Barcelona. This is because there is a lot of particular regulation and our experience can help you.

If you want to know more about it, apart from all the general regulations, you should start with the PGM (Barcelona Metropolitan General Plan), which is the starting point. This plan is unique for the majority of municipalities in the Barcelona metropolitan area. However, each municipality may have variations.

Therefore, having a specialized Architect in Barcelona like Pujadó Soler is extremely important.. In this sense we can also provide you with initial information, prior and economic studies. Therefore, you should know that we are also focused on projects of investment .

Which Architect in Barcelona will I have?

First of all, we want to give you the highest quality experience. And any project is possible for Pujadó Soler. This is because we have carried out everything from medium-sized buildings and renovations to new construction housing blocks in Barcelona. In addition, we are an Architecture Studio in Barcelona and also a Comprehensive Building Management Studio.

In this sense, we can collaborate with numerous professionals in Barcelona and act as Project Manager, or we can work directly as Architects, which will be the most common. Therefore, we know how important the success of any project is to you and we will work to carry it out.

For all this, through Pujadó Soler you will find the ideal Architect in Barcelona for your project. This Architect will be from the office and will surely be Sergi Pujadó Soler. However, if the assignment is very specialized, such as a public facility, we can make numerous collaborations with the appropriate professionals.

In any case, your new Architect in Barcelona will follow the quality and security established by Pujadó Soler. In other words, we always control the relationship with our client and establish both the design and the four pillars of Pujadó Soler: functionality, efficiency, technology and creativity.

Quality of our Architects in Barcelona

We want to give added value to the project and greater security by working with the urban planning regulations of Barcelona. It should be noted that the procedures for a project in Barcelona are one of the most particular aspects in the city. This is due to the ORPIMO (Ordinance Regulating Municipal Intervention Procedures in Works) which has many particularities.

Therefore, as a team of Architects in Barcelona we help you in all these ways. Because we know that it is important to have the right advice when investing in a city.

For this reason, our projects are not only adapted to the ordinary. They seek to find the perfect balance between design, exclusivity and administrative management. Because we want you to feel unique spaces, created just for you. And at the same time we want to enforce deadlines and forecasts.

For example, through our outstanding experience as architects in Barcelona, ​​we will help you make your project come true in the most efficient way. And all this is compatible with what PS offers: design, efficiency, technology and functionality. In addition, if you wish, we can provide interior design or integrated management services.


Certainly, at Pujadó Soler we have experience in all districts and many surrounding municipalities. Furthermore, we continually work to continue learning and provide you with the best option and experience as Architects in Barcelona.

In other words, we want you to see first-hand our quality work. Therefore, we invite you to see the most outstanding works of Pujadó Soler. The work speaks for itself!

Architect in Barcelona of quality and experience

Pujadó Soler’s formula

First of all, if you want to know the formula to obtain unique spaces with maximum efficiency, you are in the right place. From Pujadó Soler we can help you because we have a study of integrated management of architecture and building with great experience. And all, in order to provide you with the best architectural service in Barcelona .

For example, we focus on a design adapted to the situation, to the climate of the city but also to local regulations. The latter is very important, because the administrative aspects for the licenses in
licenses in Barcelona
are very particular.

Therefore, to find the right architect is to benefit in every way. And all this without forgetting the four key factors of Pujadó Soler: functionality, efficiency, technology and creativity.

Your Architect’s method in Barcelona

First of all, we want to know all your ideas and needs. And, above all, we will talk about all your dreams and wishes for your new building.

Secondly, we will start finding a design based on your preferences by adding our experience in Barcelona. It will always be in the hands of Pujadó Soler, studying the legality of the local conditions of the city.

Finally, we help you to make your project a reality. With the certainty of taking into account Pujadó Soler’s four pillars when making decisions. That is, how well a building works, how efficient it is, how technologically advanced it is, and how creative it is.

Architect in Barcelona in a new construction management
We work to obtain the most suitable Architects in Barcelona.

Influence of the best architects in Barcelona

A large number of architects have paved the way in Barcelona. This is because Barcelona is a great city dedicated to Architecture, not only because of modernism, but also because of all the professionals who work in Barcelona.

So much so that Barcelona is a city that has up to four schools of architecture. Even architecture is very present in the culture of Catalonia. The architectural styles of Catalan modernism and Gaudí have made Barcelona a great city. For all these reasons, Barcelona is a city of architects. And many of them are also international.

However, some of these architectural firms may be very specialized firms for your project. As, for example, in the case of healthcare buildings. Therefore, we also collaborate with other architects in the city.

It is very interesting to work with the best experts. For example, Pujadó Soler is a studio focused on the architecture of residential buildings or hotels. However, if it is a very specific building, such as a sanitary building, we will collaborate with experts. Therefore, we will always be at your side and you will find us in all phases. From design and planning to construction.

Examples of work carried out in Barcelona

Below, we present several examples of Architect management jobs in Barcelona . These are both architectural and building works that demonstrate the firm’s extensive experience in the city. In this case they are works both in Barcelona city and in the province of Barcelona.

Values ​​and management as Architects in Barcelona

Specialized and experienced

We have comprehensive services for license procedures. In this way, we have a very high level of quality in processing licenses in Barcelona, ​​which can save time. This is because we have a great passion and commitment for Barcelona and we are ready to work in any area of ​​the city.

We are sure that PS will provide you with the most suitable Architect in Barcelona for your work. Architects in Barcelona will be members of the College of Architects of Catalonia, find Pujadó Soler in the directory .

Experienced in all districts of Barcelona

As Architects in Barcelona we will be very committed to the architecture of Barcelona. As well as helping to make it a better place. This is because we must create quality buildings of all types and for everyone.

In addition to working in all districts, we require a high level of dedication to study the city, its particularities and specifically its regulations. Therefore, we are up to date with all the latest developments in architecture and urban planning in Barcelona.

We do this because we believe that we must provide more than useful, efficient, modern and design-oriented buildings. It should be noted that carrying out administrative procedures is a very important element.

Managed quality

Through our work we want to perceive a feeling of design, quality and success. Where the set of all the details of a Pujadó Soler project mark the importance of the building.

Therefore, working with Pujadó Soler gives the advantages of having the ideal architect for comprehensive management in Barcelona working on new projects and challenges. Whether they are projects for own use, cooperatives or simply to make any business profitable.

We want to thank our team of collaborators who help us achieve higher quality. Thanks to our engineers and other expert collaborators located in Barcelona, we make the process a great success.

All-in-One management in Barcelona

You don’t have time to look for a builder, an interior designer, to manage the administrative, legal and/or notarial procedures? Do you prefer to leave it in the hands of Pujadó Soler? Without a doubt, it will be a great advantage, we have the solution with our “All-in-One” service .

In addition, with this integrated management feature we maintain optimal management by being fully communicated with all agencies. This service is even more useful in Barcelona, because it is a place that has many individuals for the processing of projects.

Technical support and control

We help you at all times, both during the whole process and after the job. During the work, we will attend all necessary site visits and meetings as agreed. Furthermore, as we are a comprehensive building management studio, we help you carry out the final procedures of the work. Even, if necessary, we can also help you manage and maintain the building once completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Pujadó Soler offer as Architects in Barcelona?

We have a full range of services as Architects in Barcelona, ​​including design, construction management, quality control and comprehensive management from the beginning of the project to the end of the work.

We also help you with the licensing procedures for more optimal management in a country where there is a lot of bureaucracy.

What advantages does PS have as an Architect in Barcelona?

Pujadó Soler’s knowledge and experience as Architects in Barcelona is in all the districts of Barcelona and many surrounding municipalities. Fully understanding their specific regulations and procedures for each of their areas. We understand that this experience is essential for an Architect in Barcelona for greater security and confidence.

At PS we are committed to designing in a functional, sustainable, and designer way according to the specific requirements of each area of ​​Barcelona.

How do you approach a new project in Barcelona?

At Pujadó Soler we focus on functionality, efficiency, technology and creativity to conceive unique and personalized spaces.

Our goal is to obtain a project with these characteristics and that helps complement all the requirements for optimal licensing processing in order to save time.

This is because we like to meet deadlines and forecasts, staying up to date on the latest trends. Therefore, we will go step by step to gain security in your project.

Who will work on my new project?

We offer you our Architects in Barcelona from PS. By providing comprehensive management, we can also manage collaborative studios for specific projects. Our mission is the success of your project.

In addition, we will always provide you with the unique experience that characterizes Pujadó Soler with its management and implementation of functionality, design, technology and sustainability in its projects.

Also, remember that we are also a studio that manages all types of buildings. And depending on your preferences and the needs of your project, we can collaborate with other technicians and engineers. Even with other specialized architects.

Therefore, it is very important to highlight that PS technicians can always attend the necessary visits and meetings during the project and construction phase. And we guarantee you the maximum experience of being clients of Pujadó Soler.

What kind of support can I expect during and after the project?

At Pujadó Soler we offer all types of support and consultations throughout the entire project and construction process. We are focused on trust and safety in the works.

In addition, as Architects in Barcelona we offer direct assistance in the work and guidance throughout the process.

Therefore, our support will be absolute, with all available resources. We can even help you, or carry out, all the final procedures, even the legal ones.

Can I request help without obligation?

Yes, of course, at Pujadó Soler we are available to analyze projects, new comments and give opinions without any obligation on any Architecture project in Barcelona. And if we have to do any type of initial work, before the order is placed, we will let you know in advance if there is any cost.

Does PS collaborate with other architects in Barcelona?

Yes, as a comprehensive building management studio we can also collaborate with other Architecture studios if necessary for a specific project.

In fact, as a comprehensive studio in Barcelona, ​​we are used to collaborating with many renowned construction companies and architecture studios in Barcelona to diversify our offer and adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Can Pujadó Soler work with the best international architects in Barcelona?

Yes, as we have mentioned, we are a comprehensive Architecture and Building management studio. Therefore, we have the ability to work and collaborate with international and renowned architects in Barcelona . Specifically, for very specific projects under the experience of Pujadó Soler and your validation.

PS, your Architect in Barcelona

Do you have a project in mind and want to know how to carry it out? Our team of architects in Barcelona will be at your disposal to analyze a project with the aim of giving you the best possible experience.

Únicamente selecciona tu trabajo y empezaremos a hablar de tu nuevo proyecto. Also, don’t worry if you still don’t have certain details defined because we want to help you outline the concepts.

We want to provide you with a unique vision of Architects in Barcelona for the success of your work.