All-in-One” integrated management in buildings

At Pujadó Soler we have services that maximize our clients’ time, such as our comprehensive building management service. Because we know how to save our customers’ money and time. Therefore, if you want a comprehensive management service, Pujadó Soler’s “All-in-One” service is what you need.

What is the integrated management service?

The integral management of the construction, “All-in-One”, is a unique and exclusive service of the firm that manages and coordinates the construction and licenses at all times so that the client can relax during the whole process.

You will then experience that the contracted service comes with a personal manager for you who will be in charge of both the control and the coordination and daily management of the project to be able to inform you at any time of its status and the next steps to be taken.

The “All-in-One” service, for example, is the way for you to have a fully detailed and closed quotation, with established and detailed execution deadlines.

It is the best formula to be able to execute a project in an agile and efficient way.

Example of the “All-in-One” service in new buildings

We base our All-In-One construction management service on eleven simple steps that are detailed below:

1- First of all: the Order

The client initially contracts our ALL-IN-ONE construction management service. From that moment on, your Architect will be your right hand throughout the whole process. First of all, you will have all the architectural services as detailed in the section on new construction or renovations. As you may have read in the above and in the linked services, the All-In-One service works on a guideline that aims to make the process simpler for you and always keeping in mind and working with our technological guidelines, sustainable, functional and with a contemporary creative stamp.

2- Next: Interior Design Service

Then, if you wish, we collaborate with designers and interior designers where we will be the intermediaries and managers of the work for your peace of mind.

3- Third: Search for constructors

After the first two points, it is time for us to manage the search for the constructor, for which we have a price base agreed with the client.

4- We continue with a closed budget

Before starting the execution of the work, we will provide you with a closed estimate detailing a time schedule for the work in order to optimize the work of the industrialists.

5- Fifth: Choosing Materials

The interior design team (if the client has chosen to hire one) and we, the Sergi Pujadó team, choose the finishing materials. In this way, everything will be under control from the visit to the store until its execution.

6- We carry out studies for the mortgage

If you need it, we can carry out the necessary study to apply for a loan or mortgage.

7- We carry out the Coordination

We then coordinate all the agents involved in the project. These are the Construction Manager (Architect), the Construction Execution Manager (Quantity Surveyor), the Construction Manager (Construction Company), the Construction Foreman (Construction Company), the Interior Designer and the Industrialists.

8- In eighth place: Optimize times

We manage the different industrialists and work deadlines in order to optimize work times , to achieve this we organize the entrance of each one of the industrialists (electrician, carpenter, …) to the work

9- Now We Manage

We manage the other necessary agents, since, depending on the type of project, the work may involve, among others, engineers, the office of technical control of the structure, parking activities, etc.

10- In tenth position: The Delivery

We deliver the work completely finished and with the materials and qualities chosen at the beginning.

11- And finally: Final steps

Finally we take care of requesting the certificates of habitability, energy efficiency and accompany you to register the new construction at the notary and land registry.

During the whole process you will see that we work together with the client to achieve a functional, sustainable, technological and unique final result.

Welcome to Integrated Construction Management – “All-In-One”!

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