Technical Report

What is a technical report?

– The technical report is a document describing the circumstances observed in the survey of a construction site, building, dwelling or premises.

– This report may present an evaluation of alternatives, setting out proposals and analysis of different options for resolving the circumstances observed.

– It serves as evidence in a trial or summary, in addition to being part of the documentation required to request opening licenses, reports, opinions and certificates.

What is it for?

There are times when we need a technical document that confirms an existing situation, describes a survey performed or diagnoses an existing pathology in a building. You may use this type of document to record, clarify or demonstrate certain aspects related to the building, in order to defend your interests. Depending on the purpose, this document may be one of the following:

Difference between report, opinion and certificate?

Report: it is a technical document that details the circumstances objectively observed in a written document of everything detected during the examination. This can be done for part or all of a building, dwelling or premises, from a technical point of view.

Opinion: a document in which a qualified technician describes in writing his assessment obtained as a result of the study and analysis of the information gathered. It includes recommendations and actions to be taken to fix the problems detected.

Judicial Report or Opinion / Expertise: is the report or opinion that may be used as expert evidence in a judicial proceeding.

Certificate: a document that attests to a fact or circumstance and provides evidence to third parties.

Methodology of work

1- We present you with a fee proposal.
2- Acceptance of the fee proposal.
3- We visit the place where the report, report or certificate is to be written.
4- We write the report, opinion or certificate.
5- In case you wish, we can endorse the document.
6- We deliver the report, report or certificate in both physical and digital format.
7- If necessary, we will attend the trial to make a judicial ratification.