Company information of Pujadó Soler Architecture and Building

In this section we detail the company structure and financing of PUJADO SOLER SLPU, an architecture studio that has grown through dedication, effort and passion for both architecture and building. You will also find company data such as the CIF of Pujadó Soler Arquitectura y Edificación, or its Company Name.

Our Structure

PUJADO SOLER SLPU is a Unipersonal Professional Limited Company, with CIF B09756719 and owned by Sergi Pujadó Soler , who holds the qualifying titles of Architect and Technical Architect. Sergi Pujadó Soler is in charge of directing and supervising each project and work management with a personalized approach, guaranteeing that the standards of quality and excellence that characterize us are met. In addition, he is a specialist in Project Management for building works.


CIF: B09756719
Registered Address: Carrer de Santaló 60, 08021, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Commercial Name: Pujadó Soler Architecture and Building
Short Name: PS

Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in Volume 48248, Folio 35, Sheet B577366
Sole partner: Sergi Pujadado Soler
Registered architect: 69,476/2 ( COAC )
Licensed Technical Architect: 12,854 ( CATEB )

Financing and Growth

At Pujadó Soler, we are proud to say that our growth has been completely organic and natural. Our financing comes exclusively from our own turnover, which has allowed us to reinvest in the company, strengthen our capabilities and expand our service portfolio.

This self-funded model has created a virtuous cycle: as we deliver and manage successful projects, we gain the trust of more clients, which in turn generates greater revenue and allows us to continue investing in innovation and improvement. Thanks to this, our experience and success have increased, solidifying our reputation in the market and in the Barcelona community.

Our philosophy

We believe in growth based on merit and work. We do not depend on external help, which gives us a unique independence and allows us to keep our values ​​and principles unchanged. Our dedication and commitment to architecture and building are evident in every management and project we undertake, and it is this integrity that has cemented our position in the sector.

Focused on quality and customer

At Pujadó Soler we are committed to creating quality architecture, design, sustainable and at the same time functional. That said, we like to seek the highest quality, being very meticulous. So much so that sometimes we go back to find even more quality. Therefore, the other focus is the client, we look for clients who understand our philosophy of effort and merit. Our website and its publications are focused in the same sense, little by little we try to make a quality website, looking for errors. If necessary, going back, to find that all your articles are of quality. All our articles and sections are reviewed by professional Architects or Technical Architects. Check our publishing policy .


Pujadó Soler is a testimony of wanting to do quality work with determination and commitment. As an Architecture and Building studio in Barcelona we are relatively young, Sergi Pujadó has been working professionally since 2010 as a Technical Architect. But as we continue to grow and evolve, our proprietary structure and self-funding approach remain essential to ensuring we remain true to our mission and values.

We invite you to be part of our history and discover how, together, we can shape the future of Architecture and Building in Barcelona.