Grants for rehabilitation in Barcelona

Rehabilitation Barcelona

Pujadó Soler helps its clients to have all the possibilities and information available, this includes aid for rehabilitation in Barcelona. That is why we inform you of the different aids that you could access in each case. Next, we present the ones that the city council has included this year for the rehabilitation in Barcelona.

What has Barcelona City Council presented?

Rehabilitation in Barcelona
Rehabilitation of a single-family home in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council over the last few years has been presenting different aids for the rehabilitation of homes and buildings. These aids seek to improve the quality of life of those who have their homes in these homes in order to make them more decent homes.

The aid provided for rehabilitation in Barcelona is intended for the rehabilitation of the interior of the home, as well as the common areas of the building, or for the achievement of an energy improvement. As, for example, they could be the installation of an elevator or changing the windows.

The city council estimates that approximately 40,000 people and 16,000 homes will benefit from this aid for the rehabilitation of Barcelona.

And… Can these aids be used for rental housing?

Rehabilitation in the city of Barcelona
Reform of a house in the city of Barcelona

If you have a home that is intended for rent, you must take into account that the prices of these will be conditioned to the reference index of the Generalitat. The owners of these homes will be subject to the pre-existing regulations for rehabilitation aid in Barcelona, which are:

  • Maintain the same economic conditions
  • The possibility of extending the contract up to a minimum of five years
  • Adapt prices to the index set by the Generalitat.

What kind of rehabilitation aid in Barcelona is there?

Rehabilitation of a house
Rehabilitation of an industrial premises and change of use to housing

Among the aids for rehabilitation in Barcelona are:

  • Energy rehabilitation: These can be very beneficial, not only because of the savings they can bring about, but also because the greater the efficiency, the more the health of those who live in the house benefits. Aid for rehabilitation in Barcelona in the energy sector is aimed at reducing energy consumption. This reduction is achieved through better exterior insulation or promoting the generation of solar energy. Citizens can benefit from up to 60% of the cost of the action.

These housing aids in Barcelona can be applied for:

  • Presidents of neighboring communities
  • building managers
  • building owners
  • Professionals and industrialists in the energy sector
  • Rehabilitation of buildings: They are aimed at fixing structural pathologies of buildings, areas and common elements, measures to improve accessibility and improvement of energy efficiency.

These housing aids in Barcelona can be applied for:

  • Presidents of neighboring communities
  • The manager or owner of the building

The following are excluded from these aids:

  • Homes for tourist use
  • Vertically owned farms
  • Interior rehabilitation: Aid for rehabilitation in Barcelona aims to give housing greater dignity. This improvement of dignity can be achieved by increasing its accessibility, its isolation, as well as the supply facilities. These aids are divided into two parts, firstly one intended to encourage the inclusion of homes in the Barcelona rental housing stock and a second intended for those people who are in a situation of vulnerability.

These housing aids in Barcelona can be applied for:

  • Those who have a legal title that legitimizes them to live in the house that they want to include in the aid program
  • If there is a socioeconomic report that certifies the situation of vulnerability of the coexistence unit
  • The habitual user of the house
  • Who has the authorization of the property to execute the works
  • Being in a situation of vulnerability, that is, not having an income greater than that established in the call
  • Anyone who does not own a home in the city of Barcelona, with the exception of their habitual and permanent home
  • Who, in addition to what was previously provided, the composition and characteristics of the applicant’s cohabitation unit can justify the existence of a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability.
  • Rehabilitation for highly complex buildings: the requirements that the City Council has presented for aid for rehabilitation in Barcelona is that the price is conditional on the rental price and that the most vulnerable communities will be considered first. The activities that can obtain a subsidy are:
    • Inside the house
    • Structural works of the building
    • Facades, patios, stairs, halls and party walls
    • elevator installation
    • Elimination of architectural barriers, as well as obsolete elements
    • General facilities
    • Energy saving actions, solar energy and green roofs
    • Social cohesion programs

How can we help?

Rehabilitation of a house in Barcelona
Comprehensive reform of a home in Barcelona

We can advise you as well as guide you in the type of aid that will best adapt to the improvements that you will achieve with rehabilitation in Barcelona. In turn, we can also accompany you to find out and request them from the housing office. In addition, you can also come. In this link you will discover where you can find the nearest one and thus you will be able to investigate more about the housing aid offered in Barcelona city.

If you want to know more about our services and how they can be complemented with the subsidies you can apply for, you can find all the information you need on our website or through our telephone service.

Pujadó Soler wants to tell you…

First of all we want you to know that the rehabilitation of the house is basic, since an updated house improves the quality of life and also revalues the house. If you focus the reform on energy efficiency, you will also see how you get economic savings every month.

Ask us about how we can advise you on all aspects to achieve different improvements in your home or building.


  1. Are rehabilitation aids also offered in other municipalities?

The metropolitan housing consortium also offers aid despite the fact that those for 2018 have not yet been presented, despite the fact that the call for aid presented in 2017 ends on October 31, 2018. If you want more information about these, you can visit the following link or you can call us or write to us at and we will help you with your questions.

  1. What are my obligations if I want to rent an apartment that has obtained this aid?

Aid for rehabilitation in Barcelona may include specific conditions for all the flats that are going to be used for rent. These conditions would be to adapt the rental price to the price index of the Generalitat of Catalonia, but never worsen the current conditions and extend the contract to a minimum of 5 years.

  1. What documents must I submit to apply for aid to rehabilitate a building?

Barcelona City Council may request various documents such as:

  • The budget of the work
  • The positive report of the ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings)
  • The energy certificate of the building or of the dwelling (depending on the case)
  • The accessibility certificate
  • An agreement of the community of owners.