Fair Rehabilitates Barcelona

Rehabilita, a week dedicated to rehabilitation

Visiting Rehabilita Barcelona can help you in many ways if you are thinking of renovating your home or the building in which your home is located. The Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Barcelona (CAATEEB) organizes once again the acclaimed Rehabilita fair. This fair is intended for citizens to learn first-hand about all the services they offer. Both the CAATEEB and the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) and the different professionals.

As it could not be less, Pujadó Soler wants to offer you all the information about Rehabilita.

Rehabilitate Barcelona

Which professional associations participate in Rehabilita Barcelona?


It is the professional association that organizes this fair aimed at rehabilitation in its mission to project its social function.

The CAATEEB is the College of Architects, Technical Architects and Building Engineers. It consists of more than 8,000 members and has 200 affiliated professional societies. The CAATEEB is the professional association in charge of representing and ordering said profession. It is dedicated to promoting, representing and ensuring the interests of the members, as well as projecting its social function. They are mainly building professionals. They also include other areas of this such as urban planning, planning, rehabilitation, construction of the new work and maintenance of buildings.

For CAATEEB as for Pujadó Soler, energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation are basic pillars.

They are great professionals who you will be able to meet and advise you when you visit Rehabilita Barcelona.

the coac

The College of Architects of Catalonia ( COAC ) is an institution of more than 80 years, it is an architectural benchmark and its prestige is not only national but also international.

At present it consists of more than 10,000 collegiate architects. Its mission is to defend the importance of architecture and urbanism for society.

This 2018 the COAC also wants to visit Rehabilita Barcelona and it will do it in the best way it knows how, transmitting architecture to the public. The COAC has always wanted to give value to architecture, and for this we must rehabilitate what we have to keep it in good condition so that it can be admired over time.

What will I find in Rehabilita 2018?

Numerous architecture or technical architecture fairs take place in Barcelona, but these are aimed at professionals. Rehabilita Barcelona is focused on citizens, owners and representatives of neighboring communities. The objective is none other than citizens being able to meet the professionals they need for rehabilitation.

The main objective is to advise everyone who wants to visit Rehabilita Barcelona on regulations and aid, as well as the most common and necessary technical interventions in buildings.

The professional associations have organized conferences, events, workshops for the whole family and a technical advice office. These conferences will deal with different very interesting aspects of rehabilitation. These actions are great examples of how professional associations are committed to society.

The COAC will collaborate first-hand by carrying out a quick analysis that will evaluate three fundamental aspects. These are the location the building is in, what its façade looks like, and whether the building is affected. The analysis will result in a document that will provide the interested party with information and recommendations on the possible pathologies of the building, maintenance actions, improvements to be made and the different subsidies to which to apply.

How can Pujadó Soler help you?

Pujadó Soler makes a post-advice service available to those attending Rehabilita Barcelona 2018. We will study the analyzes carried out that reach us and advise you on how we can help you to solve any aspect. We will visit the building to get to know the building first hand and thus be able to adapt the analysis previously carried out.

Pujadó Soler will publish an entry on the aid offered by the Barcelona City Council and a link to those offered in the metropolitan area. Ask us about the aid you can opt for and how Pujadó Soler can complement them with his services. The rehabilitation of buildings is always done with a preliminary project that will define the execution of the project. The main areas of activity of Pujadó Soler in rehabilitation are:

  • The diagnosis of buildings
  • Drafting of the draft
  • The rehabilitation project
  • The basic study and coordination of safety and health
  • Technical documentation of auxiliary resources
  • He assumes construction management and construction execution management
  • Assumes assembly of auxiliary means
  • Approval of the health and safety plan
  • Certificate of completion of works
  • Technical advice

Pujadó Soler is synonymous with design, quality, complete management and unique architecture that translate into the success of your rehabilitation.

Pujadó Soler is a committed study and therefore wants to help you, for this we are members of both the COAC and CAATEEB schools.

Rehabilita Barcelona offers a great opportunity to both citizens who want to rehabilitate their home or building and professionals with the hope of being able to do it.

The rehabilitation will give your building a new life, giving it greater durability and modernity.

Do not hesitate, find out and investigate at Rehabilita Barcelona, get in touch with Pujadó Soler and get your quality of life to improve.