Go back in a building. Is it more expensive than a new construction?

Go back in a building

The soarings are an intervention in an existing building. This increases unforeseen costs, although it can be planned for, as with most existing building projects there are unforeseeable costs. Therefore, in the case of building lifts, a very meticulous initial work must be done to minimize these costs.

There are many reasons why we want to expand our house or any type of building. We talk about going back when we want to expand the house by adding upper floors to the existing building.

Reasons to go back on a building

Grow vertically : Expand the building vertically to gain surface area of the existing building.

Maximize space : Gain space without having to build from scratch, as it will allow them to add new uses such as apartments, offices, meeting rooms and more.

Increased Functionality : Building lifts can also significantly improve the functionality and exterior appearance of the building to increase its visual appeal and commercial value.

Facility upgrade : Outdated building systems can be replaced with modern, efficient systems to significantly reduce energy costs.

Design improvement: The remonta is a process of structural renovation that involves lifting the existing roof and first floor to expand the living space so that the appearance, volumetry and composition of the building will change. Being an optimal time to update the building.

Increase in housing : If it is a multi-family building or a hotel, the number of users can be increased.

About the cost of the remount

The remounts can be of one or more plants. The more floors, the more complex will be the rise in the building. Lifts with two or more stories are generally more expensive because the structures on the lower floors may need additional reinforcement to ensure the strength of the upper floors.

Therefore, the added weight and structural considerations of more than one story lift means taking even more structural precautions.

It is also important to study the current state of the building. Well, the objective is to raise the building successfully, safely and without damaging it. But the current building shows signs of structural weakness, further steps will have to be taken to secure it before an erection.

Once the structural part is technically and economically viable, we will be able to continue studying the costs for the upgrading expansion. These could be from 20% of the cost comparable to a new work.

Preparing the base of the riser

All or part of the existing covering of the building will be removed. Therefore, care must be taken not to damage the lower dwellings. And protect by means of auxiliary means or scaffolding all the work on the cornices with the façade.

You may have some forecast of repairs to the lower floors or certain common areas.

Vertical communication up to the top

New flights of stairs and an elevator must be added. If the previous dimensions are very limited, they will have to be increased, losing common areas on the upper floors and less likely on the lower floors. The lift may have to be redone, with the existing and new stops. The accessibility of the common areas of the building will also have to be studied.


The facilities of the new houses may not be compatible with the existing building. For example, the cabinets of water or electricity meters. Or the rush of these facilities. It will have to be verified if these batteries, meter cabinets have to be expanded. And if you also have to request a connection with more power or cabal.

Indirect costs of the works

The indirect costs for the remounts should be much higher. Basically due to a lower performance on site, due to a more limited space. And due to the limitation of auxiliary means. For example, it may not be feasible to place a crane, and have to bring mobile cranes, requesting street closures.

C onclusion on the price of a remount

As a summary, the restoration in a building, like any intervention in an existing building, is a very meticulous job. Specialized structural engineers should make an opinion of the existing structure taking into account the consideration of the uplift. If said structural audit were technically and economically viable, the repair costs would be higher than a new work. In the event that the foundation or the structure did not have to be reinforced, we would be around 20 – 30% additional.

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