What is a Project Manager and how can he help me?

Construction Project Manager

The Project manager is the project manager, that is, the traditional project manager with some added responsibility.

The Project Manager:

  • supervises
  • Manage the staff
  • The resources
  • deadlines
  • The design of the tasks
  • The implementation of solutions

That is, the Project Manager is the one who makes the decisions in the field of action.

Among the most relevant functions of the Project Manager are the following:

He is in charge of defining and presenting the project. In other words, decisions are not made at the last moment, but from the beginning they are agreed upon and presented with their stages and deadlines.

The Project Manager plans, being precise in terms of dates, deadlines, managers, positions, resources and costs. When this plan is presented, it should be kept in mind that it will be the guide throughout the entire work.

He is responsible for establishing the objectives that must be defined taking into consideration the client and/or the investor. There are occasions in which the promoter is also currently as such.

Its main task is the supervision of the tasks to be delegated to third parties, measuring the evolution of each task and its evolution.

It offers solutions and alternatives deciding when to intervene in the process and how to do it, in the same way it can also decide the points of the initial plan that can be modified.