Thinking of investing in Barcelona?

Invest in Barcelona

If you are thinking of investing in Barcelona, you must take into account many factors, among them and in which we are experts in helping you is in carrying out a feasibility study.

But… What is a feasibility study?

It consists of carrying out a small study of the land and the urban regulations of the area in which it is located in order to assess the number of floors that could be built, both by meters and by density. The information on the land is obtained from the Town Hall of the municipality, in most cases we do it in person in order to obtain more precise information.

With this information we make some calculations that give us the approximate costs that the work will have and the benefits of this, taking into account the number of homes, premises, parking lots and storage rooms that could come out.

It is the best formula that an investor has to know if the operation will be profitable or not before buying the land or starting work on land that he already owns.

It must be taken into account that these studies do not take into account the typology of the land, since without a geotechnical study it is not possible to do so.

It is a study that gives an orientation of the feasibility, but until all the definitive tests have been done. It may also vary depending on the construction company that is contracted, as well as whether the homes are going to be sold or rented.

If you are thinking of investing in Barcelona…

The average house price has increased by 6% in the second quarter of 2018.

According to the newspaper Expansion:

“In Barcelona, the price of housing is already reaching its ceiling in many districts. If the average price of Barcelona is already the most expensive in Spain, that of some of its districts more than triples the national average, of 1,328 euros per square meter.”

“Ciutat Vella, in the most central area of the bay, registered double-digit increases of 14.9%. In second place are Sants-Montjuïc and Horta Guinardó, both with year-on-year growth of 9.7%. They are followed by Les Corts (9.5%), Sant Andreu (8.9%) and l’Eixample, with 6.8% price growth.

On the opposite side, Sant Martí is the district that became less expensive, with an increase of 2.7%, followed by Gràcia (3.6%) and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (4.7%). The most expensive district of Barcelona is precisely Sarrià, one of the least growing. Located in the upper area of Barcelona and dominating many of the premium homes in the capital, the square meter in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi reaches 4,512 euros. In second place, by price is Les Corts (4,102 euros per square meter) and in third position L’Eixample (4,004 euros per square meter).”

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The recommendation of create architecture:

  1. Before buying a piece of land or selling it, ask us for a feasibility study, it is free.
  2. Always go hand in hand with the architect who has prepared the feasibility study for you and let yourself be advised.
  3. Look for a construction company that gives you confidence and not the cheapest one, since unbudgeted items may arise.
  4. Ask for monthly reports to find out what state the work is in and if everything is progressing as it should, this will make it easier for you to know when to create the horizontal division among others.
  5. Request certifications so that the rigger can ensure that the budget is being met by the construction company, it will not only indicate if the budget is being met but also the percentage of each item that has been used.

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