The Financial Times says so!

street in barcelona

The Financial Times has carried out a study in which they have analyzed different variables from more than 450 European cities and regions. Catalonia, with its capital Barcelona , is in the top five!

This study has taken into account the following variables:

  • Economic Possibilities
  • Human capital
  • Lifestyle
  • Performance
  • connectivity
  • Business Climate

It is great news that such a highly recognized economic newspaper considers that the region of Catalonia is the best in southern Europe to invest in.

In order, the top five cities and regions are:

  • Catalonia
  • Madrid
  • lombardy
  • istanbul
  • Lisbon

And not only does the prestigious Financial Times say so, but there are multiple media outlets and economic experts who talk about the advantages of investing in Barcelona or Catalonia.

According to Barcelona City Council sources: “Barcelona is the gateway to southern Europe, a bridge to the Maghreb and a link with Latin America.”

How can we help you with your investment?

We can help you with different formulas, you choose:

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Who will be your trusted architect?

At Pujadó Soler you will not only have a contact person who you can locate when you consider it appropriate. This person will always have all the updated information on your investment to be able to inform you in detail. We will also make our Chief Architect and founder of the studio Sergi Pujadó available to you.

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Pujadó Soler is led by Sergi. He is not only an Architect but also has a degree in Technical Architecture and is a specialist in structures. In turn, Sergi has been a professor of Architecture at the International University of Catalonia – UIC. Sergi likes to get involved in all the projects that come into the office and he reviews all the progress made on a daily basis to make sure that all of them are as they should be and include the firm’s stamp, that is, functional, creative, technological and sustainable.