Reforms in Barcelona

The 4 steps for a renovation in Barcelona

1- First of all, the visit

Our renovation team in Barcelona starts the process with a visit to the space to be renovated and then continues with a meeting with the owners to learn about their wishes, concerns and the style they want for their renovated space. Then, when the project is commissioned, we continue with these meetings and squeeze out a list of the client’s needs. We will do this by prioritizing these needs and continue with the next step.

2- Secondly, the meeting of concepts

Once the previous section has been completed, we send our clients a document detailing everything observed in the space and what was discussed at the meeting. In the documentation, we added an item detailing all the points that we felt we should highlight, along with everything else that we had learned at the meeting. All these inputs together with the unique team of Reformas Barcelona, CreaArquitectura’s service, will make the space unique and personal.

3- Third, we generate the sketches and the preliminary project.

The reforms in Barcelona are one of our most pampered services. Therefore, with these needs we will know the functional program and we will present the client with sketches, sketches, drawings and plans in order to specify an architectural definition. We will work with you to choose the proposal that you like best.

4- Finally

From this point you have two options:

1. The client manages and coordinates the project and construction process.

  1. Order the project
  2. Request quotes from builders
  3. Compare quotes
  4. Contract your renovation in Barcelona
  5. Ask for the necessary permits with our help
  6. Participates and coordinates the different building agents. Builder, Architect, Industrial, Designer, …

2. Pujadó Soler performs the “All-in-One” service for your renovation in Barcelona. Therefore, a specialized team will carry out all of the above points.

“I am delighted with the renovation of my apartment in the center of Barcelona because it had an outdated distribution. They put me an integrated kitchen in the living room and it is a very large space and I have also gained a room! It looks like a new apartment”.
Ana Lopez

Why Pujado Soler?

Because Pujadó Soler is a firm dedicated to both Architecture and Technical Architecture. We guarantee a great experience and you can find us in many portals.

We also have a large number of works carried out in reforms and we have won several architectural competitions in them. Call us and ask for our service of Reforms Barcelona.

A renovation serves to update all services and amenities. By contracting our service of Reforms in Barcelona and leave behind the problems of your home.
Sergi Pujadó

Examples of reforms

More questions

Who carries out the reforms?

We, according to the inputs we have, select the architectural firm that will carry out the design and construction management.

All this in order to choose the right company to carry out your renovation in Barcelona.

Therefore, we do not carry out the renovation, but we manage the operation to ensure the future of the property.

How long do the reforms last?

Be careful that it is a housing that must generate a new habitat!

Therefore, in this process we go without haste.

Initially, we will make, based on the concept meeting, a proposal to your liking for your reform.

This proposal will have the client’s guidelines and together with CreaArquitectura’s consensus, we will make a design for you…

So once we have the design with some clarity we will work without pauses.

Pujadó Soler develops the renovation project in an agile and non-stop manner.

From this point on, the reform project can be ready in three weeks. But this all depends on the municipality and whether it is a major or minor works project.

How can I order a reform in Pujadó Soler?

Simply contact us and order it. So, call us, send us an email or go to our quotation page. We are sure that the service of Pujadó Soler Reforms Barcelona is for you.

I have a renovation company in Barcelona. Can I work with Pujadó Soler?

Of course, one of the advantages of CreaArquitectura is that we manage the search for architects and we are not linked to any company. If you are a renovation company, have good managers and operators, do not hesitate to send us your CV, a list of works carried out and photographs.

I don’t have time for reform. What can you do?

In this case we recommend you to manage the renovation with our additional service All-in-One or collaborate with companies in the sector as

Therefore, if you order a service like ours “All-in-One” for renovations in Barcelona and surroundings. You will have a managed construction site and you will not have to worry about much more than the essentials.