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Building in Girona C Barcelona

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4100 m²

The team of our studio is delighted to share the news that the residential building that we carried out the construction management on Barcelona de Girona street has been completed. Already done!

Our clients can now move into their new homes and start enjoying all that this vibrant city area has to offer. We hope you have many happy years here!

The construction of 48 homes on Barcelona street in Girona is finished

The construction of 48 homes on Barcelona street in Girona has already been completed, and the new residences are expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the area.

The project was carried out in the last few years, taking into account all modern safety standards and regulations.

This addition of residences near the AVE station will be very beneficial for potential tenants and can increase the value of the area as well as open up access to shopping and life options in the city.

The homes will have three bedrooms, with some duplexes and penthouses also available.

Those looking for a place to feel at home can be sure that the residential building offers the perfect option. With three bedrooms each, the apartments have spacious rooms, while maintaining the cozy feeling of home. In addition, those interested in added luxury will be delighted with the available duplexes and penthouses, which offer luxurious finishes and details with an unforgettable touch. Within these walls, we create havens where dreams come true and life is lived exactly as it should be.

The residential building will also include more sustainable architecture very close to the AVE station in Girona.

The residential building that has arrived in Girona will not only be conveniently close to the AVE station, but it has also been designed with sustainability in mind.

The architects have tried to minimize the environmental impact of the building by using green initiatives such as incorporating sustainable building materials into its design.

In addition, energy and water efficient systems have been incorporated into the project so that it can help reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint. This building is a great example of how architecture can make a difference in reducing negative environmental impact.

An exciting new building that provides much-needed housing in close proximity to the city center. We are proud to participate in its construction.

Our team is delighted to be a part of this work, which promises to make a significant contribution to the local area. This new complex will provide much-needed housing close to the city center, making things easier and more convenient for residents living or working in the city. In addition, it has modern services, such as home automation, as well as attractive architecture that enhances the urban landscape. In short, this is a passion project that benefits everyone.

We want to thank everyone who has participated in the work.

We are enormously grateful to all the people and organizations that have participated in the pbra. Whether through solicited or unsolicited contributions, volunteer efforts, or offering your feedback, the collective effort has resulted in a highly successful company. To each and every participant, we cannot thank you enough for your willingness to work alongside us. Your commitment has allowed this achievement to become a reality.

Project come true.

In conclusion, the construction of the houses on Barcelona street in Girona is finished and it is at peak performance this year. This exciting new project has provided much-needed housing for the city center and it is a great honor for us to be involved in this work.

We appreciate all the work the contributors have put in so far and are proud to see the end result. Additionally, this project exemplifies our commitment to meeting the housing needs of the area, while providing quality homes and features that make life comfortable and enjoyable. This development is part of the growing community of residents in Girona and will surely attract more people as it progresses. We hope that everyone involved shares our enthusiasm for this incredible bespoke work.

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