How do I contract internet in my new house?

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If you have built a home to your liking and you have little time left to live in it, it is time to start rethinking important issues that are linked to said home, such as starting to find out about how you have to register the water, electricity or internet service.

It is convenient that all these types of issues are looked at in advance to have enough time to discuss what is best for you to hire in your new home, and have enough margin to look at companies, compare and make a good decision.

If this is the first time that you have to take care of these procedures, it is normal for you to have doubts about how to do it and about how to know what is best for you, so in the following lines we will tell you how to hire internet at home and what you will need for it.

This is what you need to hire internet

When you install internet in a new home for the first time, you should know that you have to meet a series of requirements so that companies can proceed with this installation.

Currently this process has been quite simplified compared to a few years ago, and today it is about very simple procedures that will not take you much time. To proceed with this, it will suffice to contact the company you have chosen, you can do so either through its website or by calling the available customer service numbers.

To start this process, you must meet these requirements:

  1. The place where your new home is located must be accessible so that they can proceed with the installation normally.
  2. You must be a private person or a company.
  3. You must have a bank account in which the company can domicile the invoices resulting from the provision of this service.
  4. The area in which your house is located must have internet coverage.

As you can see, these requirements are very simple and all the people who are willing to contract the Internet meet them perfectly.

Once you have made sure that you have coverage, your telephone company will proceed to request a series of personal data so that the contract for the provision of the internet service can be formalized.

If you have come this far and you are still wondering which Internet company to contract this service with, the most prudent thing is to spend a few minutes making a Comparison of fiber and mobile rates and study what each company offers you and at what price depending on the needs you have.

In addition to taking into account all the requirements that you have to meet and choosing the best company to install this service according to your needs, you should know that installing this service entails additional costs to those of the invoice resulting from each month.

This is how much it costs to install the internet

The installation of the internet is not free and it is important that you be clear about what you are going to have to pay in addition to the rate you have contracted so that you do not get any bad surprises when the bill arrives at home.

The installation of Wi-Fi in a home is not free, and it entails expenses that make the monthly cost of your bill rise considerably, although it is true that depending on the technology you are going to contract – ADSL, fiber optics, 4G or satellite internet – installation costs will vary.

These are the extra expenses that you will have when contracting the internet:

  1. The monthly payment of your internet rate
  2. What it costs to install the internet
  3. The registration fee
  4. line fee
  5. whatever the cost of the team
  6. The shipping costs of said equipment (between 5 and 12 euros)

This is all that the companies could charge you if they wanted to for the installation of the internet, now, there are many things that the companies do not charge their users, and to find out, it is best that you spend a few minutes reading the fine print. of the offers that may interest you, in order to be clear from the beginning of the expenses that you will have to face.

Even so, it may interest you to know that the cost of the installation and the equipment in most cases can be avoided by agreeing with the company to establish a permanent contract – as long as the rate you have contracted does not already require it – which usually go between three and twelve months.

The registration fee is an exception for some operators, and although it is usually free, it must be taken into account. The line fee is usually already included in the price of the monthly rate, and the shipping costs will only be applied if they have to send a SIM card or a router, although in many companies this no longer has any cost.

How long does it take companies to install internet?

The importance of looking at companies, rates and prices prior to the date on which you will move into your new home is because the installation of this service is not immediate, but once you have signed the contract with a company, they take time. a time when the internet is operational in your property.

Today it is practically impossible to spend several days living in a house without having this service operational, since in our day to day we use the Internet for practically everything. In addition, since the pandemic brought teleworking, there are already many people who work every day from home and it is essential for them to have this service from the first day they live in their new home.

The time that companies take to install the internet is not very long, so do not be alarmed if you are already a little short on time to hire it. For legal reasons, in the documents that companies show users they must add the terms – up to 30 days – in which they will proceed with said installation, but the reality is that they do not usually take more than two weeks.

The number of days that a company needs to install the internet in a home depends on several factors, among them, that its technicians are available, the accessibility of the address and the type of connection that is going to be installed in it, since it is not it takes the same time to install satellite internet as fiber optics, for example.