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Pujadó Soler

At Pujadó Soler Arquitectos we want to be your trusted technical architect and architect in Barcelona, which is why quality is a basic pillar.

For this we have 4 basic pillars that guide our projects and work, these are the guarantee, professionalism, experience and specialization, all this to achieve success, here we detail it:

Quality guarantee

We are collegiate technicians and we will ensure the success of your project with a high level of demand to satisfy you.


Both our architects and surveyors will be aware of your work so that you always win. We work with great professionalism so that you are calm throughout the process.


We are backed by more than eight years carrying out construction works and projects. Sergi Pujadó has been a professor at an architecture school in Barcelona.


Our multidisciplinary team will be at your disposal to meet your needs.


Our entire team will work so that you and your family are highly satisfied. Their success is our success, we seek that they can see themselves reflected in the project and that it transmits their personality.

Sergi Pujadó, architect, as a comprehensive architecture and technical architecture studio is capable of planning projects and works in detail. In this way, a choice of materials is made with an unbeatable execution on site.

We offer exclusive services such as All-in-one to fully manage the coordination of the works or the service for foreign investors.

Functionality, sustainability, technology and creativity with excellent quality is our modus operandi and excellence for the client.