Prefabricated houses

Premade house

Prefabricated houses are a formula for achieving a cheaper home with greater energy control, so they represent savings in every way.

At Pujadó Soler we offer this service comprehensively because we truly believe in this type of construction. We are collaborators of several prefabricated house companies in the market. These companies transfer quality, trust and very good results. We are located in Barcelona

The construction is fast thanks to the fact that the facilities are already integrated and the house will be made up of modules, therefore, at any time you can expand it with low costs and in a short time.

The main advantages are:

1- Speed in construction

By being built in an industrialized process, on-site construction is much faster and more precise, so you will have better results.

2- Sustainability and energy

The walls that are built in the industrialized process are thermally insulated and without thermal bridges, so you will have greater energy savings.

3- Economy

The process is usually more economical since industrialized construction lowers costs and the decrease in construction times lowers costs.

4- Ephemeral

Possibility of placing a mobile module in all kinds of places. We have collaborators who certify said home as a movable element and thus be able to place the module in rustic properties.

5- Integrated facilities

In the industrialization process, the facilities that run inside the walls and walls are manufactured. So when you get to work, it’s just connecting!

6- Modular and expandable

Most models are easily expandable so you can prepare for the future. We create designs for all audiences based on their needs. Consult our standard designs.

Girona House

What materials can the prefabricated house be designed from?

Of concrete . Heavy, robust and modular.

Steel . Light, fast and cheap.

Wooden . Modern, light and very sustainable.

What limitations does the prefab house have?

Today the limitations of a manufactured home are few, most conventional housing structures could be prefab.

If the project falls outside the standards established by the supplier, the manufacturing time will be a little slower. But if we adapt to the project recommendations, the house will have it in record time. Remember that a prefabricated house generally respects the environment. more than a conventional one.

Do not imagine a simple house of a single pre-established color, you can choose the facade and finishing materials. So you can have a rustic, modern or contemporary design, the client rules.