Architecture Firm

Vision of our architectural firm

Our Architecture studio observes architecture as a multidisciplinary subject. Our pillars are functionality, efficiency, technology and creativity, or design.

Therefore, the Pujadó Soler Architecture studio treats architecture as a set of technical and constructive elements to merge function, technique, composition and sustainability.

Therefore, simplifying, we could deduce that architecture is located both on the engineering side and on the more creative or artistic side. But at the same time it is much more.

Next, we describe some of the characteristics that Pujadó Soler considers an Architecture studio should have.

  • Planning the design of buildings for any use
  • Use of geometry to create this design
  • Aesthetic composition, with its own characteristics.
  • Planning the building for a specific use. How to live, work, visit, etc.
  • Knowledge of physics and construction to create successful designs.
  • Knowledge of installation engineering to obtain thermal comfort.
  • Knowledge of fire resistance and fire propagation, compartmentalization and evacuation.
  • Urban planning, both of cities and towns, their development and aesthetics.
  • Have a constant evolution due to new technologies and new construction materials.

About Pujadó Soler Architecture Studio

At Pujadó Soler we specialize in both architecture and construction. As an architectural firm we manage all types of projects. Our projects are based on design, functionality, sustainability and technology. With this we are at the forefront of architecture, satisfying all current needs.

We also coherently integrate all the different disciplines of architecture. Such as interior design, engineering, construction and urban planning. In this way we create sustainable, technological and functional designs that at the same time improve the daily life of the users. All this to provide a high quality customer experience.

In Pujadó Soler, you will find an innovative architectural firm, both in its approach and in project coordination. We have been using the BIM method for years, as well as parametric systems and organization and planning systems to bring greater efficiency to each new project.

Therefore, we invite you to check out our work and our blog for the latest news and our latest suggestions.

10 characteristics of Pujadó Soler

The experience of our architecture studio has shown that our architecture studio must develop the following functions:

Design architecture

First of all, our architecture studio must be able to design a building in a compositional way, which complies with the regulations. And at the same time meet the customer’s functional needs. The design should be both of the interior volumetry and of the interior spaces. We can even play with the path that together with spaces of compression or dilation, will make an unforgettable experience of architecture.

2. Images, mock-ups and renderings

Our architectural firm develops sketches and images to see your building. In addition, architectural models are necessary to help improve the design and to understand the proposed volumetry.

3. Regulations

At Pujadó Soler, we strive to create customized projects that meet the unique needs of our clients. We ensure adherence to all legal and administrative regulations in each of our designs. Therefore, we justify our projects so that the design meets both the client’s specific needs and legal regulations. Therefore, we have a mastery of the Technical Building Code (CTE).

4. Budgets

As an architectural firm we must be able to calculate the approximate cost of a project. This will make the project economically feasible and give the client a realistic idea of what it will cost. In this sense, we have a section specialized in project management and real estate investments.

5. Coordination of projects

From our architectural firm we think that we must coordinate the work of other professionals involved in the project. For example, the work of structural engineers, installation engineers, landscape architects, urban planners and even builders.

6. Efficient architecture

We design projects that are not only modern and meet all the client’s needs, but are also efficient and sustainable. Therefore, we have to study the energy demand as well as the use of materials to be used. In addition, we also have to think about and coordinate the future maintenance of the building.

7. Interior design

We must also be able to coordinate the work of others involved in finishing the project in order to design aesthetically pleasing buildings on the inside. There are many combinations and styles. But following a method and style will help to obtain a very pleasant environment. Therefore, our studio will be able to offer you a study specialized in interiors. All this together with our coordination we will be able to design interior spaces that are beautiful and functional.

8. Lighting

Lighting is becoming a more and more relevant concept in architecture. We have to think about the idea of thinking about the spaces and the composition both during the day and at night. We are also capable of designing the interior and exterior lighting of the building. This includes functional and decorative lighting design. Although in our architectural firm we have professionals who are used to work with the new lighting systems. Depending on the size or type of project, specific lighting consultants can also be hired.

9. Landscape architecture

Landscaping is the specialty of designing outdoor spaces, such as parks and gardens. As an architectural firm we must be able to create spaces that are functional, attractive and meet the specific needs of the client. In addition, if you need a partial project because you have a lot of outdoor space, we are also able to coordinate the work with specific professionals.

10. Planning and urbanism

As an architectural firm, we also plan the urban environment on a large scale. And at building scale the location of the building. Therefore we ensure that the building can be well integrated into its immediate surroundings and at the same time is accessible and complies with all current regulations. For this reason, we are able to integrate the building with an attractive and functional design.

Architectural firms that can handle anything

Architecture is often used for the construction and design of public buildings, such as schools or public buildings. Together with the collaboration of other professionals, we can even design more civilian environments. For this reason there are many studies that have also designed other structures. Therefore, in our architectural firm we can get to design:

Single-family homes

Single-family houses between party walls
Detached houses or villas
Semi-detached houses or villas

Collective residential buildings

Isolated housing blocks, tower type
Residential buildings or blocks between party walls

Hotels and public residences



Offices and work centers
Schools or university buildings
Hospitals and health centers
Design bridges that can become more iconic
Other public buildings such as social centers, etc.
Museums, exhibitions or theaters
Stadiums or sporting venues, such as swimming pools or sports centers
High-rise buildings as skyscrapers
Ephemeral spaces

Check list of a new job

As an architectural firm, as we have explained above, we believe that a good architectural project must be well planned and organized. Therefore, to ensure that a project is successful, we consider that a good architectural project must comply, at a minimum, with the following key aspects:

Have a specific use

To start the project we must have a specific use, whether it is residential, public, office or mixed use.

Have a specific function

Once we know the use, we must know all its function, for example the number of users that inhabit it and how this building should be used.

Design and environment

The building will have a composition following a certain style and integrated with the surroundings.

Be efficient and comply with regulations

The project of our architectural firm will take care of all the efficient and normative parameters.

Be in accordance with the budget

As mentioned above, from the beginning we will have to provide approximate measurements to study the feasibility of the construction of the project.

Design and uniqueness

In addition to a good urban adaptation, the building can be more or less iconic. There is a lot of theory about it. Pujadó Soler believes that it depends on both the situation and the client.

Assist in urban planning

Apart from a greater or lesser uniqueness and good integration. Every building should be conducive to urban planning, studying nodes and communication. It is important to carefully study the use of the first floor and open spaces.

Respond to specific customer needs

A construction process is very long, so it is important not to lose sight of the functional needs of our client. Therefore, at the end of each project we check that all project objectives have been met.

Have innovative aspects

It is also important to note that each building must be different because its environment will be different. Each building will have a certain uniqueness. Innovative aspects will be a vital element for further progress.

Respond to interiors and lighting

A building must be designed both inside and out and both day and night. We can even make it possible to observe very different aspects at night than during the day.

Well coordinated and executed architectural study

Finally, once we have the project phase completed, as an integral study of both architecture and building, we must have a coordination and planning of the following phases.

Specialized architectural firm

Residential architecture is a fundamental branch of architecture that focuses on the design of dwellings and collective residential buildings. For example, through the creation of houses, collective buildings or hotels.

The architecture studios that carry out residential buildings must have a multidisciplinary knowledge, both of physics and engineering, as well as of composition and design, in order to create contemporary and efficient designs.

For example, our priority is to create buildings with a very functional and comfortable use. But at the same time design and contemporary. Therefore, we will carefully consider all of your needs to create spaces that are unique and welcoming.

Consequently, residential architecture can serve to improve the quality of life of all people. If you want to create functional and sustainable residential buildings that meet all your needs, contact Pujadó Soler today.

Comprehensive architecture study

At Pujadó Soler we offer an integral architecture and construction service for
meet your needs. If you want an architectural firm specialized in building and optimal construction, through maximum planning, you have found Pujadó Soler.

We are the architectural firm you were looking for because we can provide an integral service of architecture and construction. In addition, we do this by creating design architecture that is functional, technological and sustainable.

With a focus on attractive, functional, technological and sustainable design, we ensure that your projects become unique and unforgettable spaces. For all this, we believe that architecture should have a purpose beyond aesthetics, finding a better quality of life for the people who use it thanks to the spaces we create.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how our architectural firm can help you with your architectural projects! Do not hesitate and contact us today.

Architectural firm for buildings with dream designs

Our architecture studio works with ambitious, successful and design projects. Therefore, if you have a project in mind that is in line with our principles, we can help you to make your dream come true.